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Name & Position of Responsibility Category of Governor (elected ) Term of Office Register of interest Link Governor Role Committee
Mrs Angela Butcher Co-Headteacher Ongoing N/A N/A
Mrs Nicky Selby Co-Headteacher


Ongoing N/A N/A
Emma Staddon

Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor


From 01/09/17

To 31/08/21

SIP Priority – Leadership and Management Resources

Teaching and Learning

Sylvia Spearpoint

Vice Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor (elected by FGB) From 01/12/15

To 30/11/19

Headteacher Performance Management


Children Looked After

Health and Safety

Judy Haggar LA Governor

(nominated by LA and elected by FGB)

From 01/01/17

To 31/12/21

Headteacher Performance Management

Pay Committee

SIP Priority – Progress and Attainment

Teaching and Learning
John Knibb Parent Governor (elected by parents) From 01/10/15

To 01/10/19

SIP Priority – Growth Mindset

Pay Committee

Pupil Premium

Teaching and Learning
Fran Elliott Parent Governor From 23/05/18
Helena Jackson Parent Governor
Karen West Staff Governor (elected by Staff) From 23/05/2018
Lucy McCanna* Parent Governor No longer a Governor, term completed
Priya Mehta*


Co-opted Governor

(elected by FGB)

No longer a Governor, resigned Finance Resources
Penny Mortlock* Co-opted Governor (elected by FGB) No longer a Governor, resigned SEND

Training and Development



Mrs Butcher

I have been qualified as a teacher for 14 years now and I am now in my fourth year of headship.  I began my career in Lancashire before moving to Hertfordshire in 2014.  I have a passion for Early Years and specialised in this area for 6 years.  My aim as Head Teacher is to ensure all children have every opportunity to reach their full potential, to recognise each child’s individual strengths and to ensure all children develop a love for learning.

Mrs Selby

I have been a teacher for the past 14 year and as Deputy Head I work alongside the Head Teacher and the staff team to ensure that all pupils have a positive and engaging learning experience. As staff governor I work closely with all members of the Governing Body in all areas of school life.  Having two young children of my own enables me to have a deeper understanding of child development and the important role that school plays.

Emma Staddon

I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in March 2013 and am now a Co-opted Governor.  After being Vice-Chair for a year, I was elected as Chair of Governors in September 2017.  I have 3 daughters; one who is in Year 1 now, one in Year 5 at the Juniors and my eldest is now at secondary school.  I have previously volunteered at the school and also play an active part in the parents association, FOFI (Friends of Field Infants).  As well as being a busy mum, I also work part-time in Training and Development for a car finance company.  I really enjoy cooking, reading, socialising with friends and writing lots of lists to keep organised!

John Knibb

I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in October 2015.  I have one son who was at Watford Field Infants until last year and three daughters; one of whom is currently attending Watford Field Infants.   I have previously loved volunteering at the school and am keen to take an even more active role in this wonderful school.

I have been working in secondary education, teaching in London, Africa, Switzerland and Belarus but have had a variety of jobs before this including working for the prison service.

I enjoy travelling, playing music and peace and quiet which with four young children is very rare to come by these days!

Sylvia Spearpoint

I am a mother to 3 daughters and have been a nurse for more than 30 years.

I have had links with the school for 15 years, as a parent and professional. I am very happy to be continuing my relationship with Field Infants as a co-opted governor.